What we do and how it's all connected

Node is a small, but kick-ass multi discipline Brighton design agency run by Chloë Hanks & Oli Ladenburg.

Formed around a designer / copywriter partnership of the type favoured by larger creative agencies, we offer design services, including web design, branding and illustration.

Oli joined Node in 2013 following a long career in interactive entertainment working for Sony & EA. He now handles all copywriting, web development and online delivery. Chloë has been Node for over 15 years and is a uniquely skilled graphic designer covering all design from creative concept work to design for online environments, event planning and branding to final delivery for screen & print.

We design and build websites from concept to creation and we're also specialists when it comes to content - editorial, social media and SEO. We also have a wealth of experience designing for print - brochures, programmes, packaging, POS and more.

We do lots of truly unique work, from our online input for the experiential theatre company Palimpsest - www.palimpsest.co to branding and shop front sites such as Rana's Artisan bakery www.ranasbakery.london

When we're not working, we keep ourselves busy with guerilla art, events management, eco-graffiti, DJing... we even run the world's smallest cinema.

We like to think of these things as all connected - they're all crucial parts of what makes Node a unique creative agency. Everything is linked. It's how we think about our business, and it's how we'll think about yours. We're all about making connections.

We connect images, words and ideas.

We connect your website & social media channels with your offline marketing.

Most importantly, we connect you to your audience.

"Node - the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made."